Arctic Monkeys 2014 Finsbury Park 23rd and 24th May

It’s a crazy time at Kelham Island Brewery as we all prepare to relocate to Finsbury Park for the Bank Holiday weekend, we don’t know what to expect so we’ll ‘suck it and see’. The Kelham Island ‘Easy Rider Bar’ will be keeping thirsty festivalgoers refreshed for two days and the big transfer of beer and equipment is about to begin. We’re setting off early ‘before the lights come on’. The weather is predicted to be good and we have taken our best guesstimate at how many pints of beer 100,000 people can drink over two days, ‘I bet you’ll look good in the beer queue’.
If you are lucky enough to be there call in for a beer, you will see our boys busy behind the bar, they ‘can’t sit down cause we’ve moved their chairs away’.
The bar will be open ‘until the sun goes down’. Stay until the end and you will be able to have ‘one for the road’.Image

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