Easy Rider Picture

Thank you Calvin for sending in this photograph.


It’s a 1450cc limited edition Easy Rider Captain America replica manufactured by Indian/CMC motorcycles of California. He tells us they were the only ones ever authorised and endorsed by Peter Fonda but some modifications had to be implemented to make them street legal.  They were manufactured in 1999 to coincide with 30th year anniversary of the film Easy Rider. This one was purchased second hand in Georgia USA and was shipped over here to the UK in 2009.

Congratulations to Little Mick Williams, Head of Sales UK and Europe.

After a record breaking January Mick was awarded the much coveted

‘Employee of the Month award for January’.

A big well done to Little Mick and his picture will be proudly displayed

in the  Brewers & Yard Boy’s lounge for the next month.

Sadly Little Mick’s picture has sustained some accidental damage and

has been removed temporarily while repairs are carried out.