Little Mick’s blog

Today i have been interviewed about my infinite knowledge of the brewing industry by two lovely students from Malaysia who are studying journalism. I also offered to do my impersonation of Tom Jones with their microphone but they didn’t seem that bothered.  Meanwhile in the brewhouse the lads who make the beer are absolutely drenched and fed up with all this rain. Oh well we might get some good weather next year!


Little Mick’s Big Greek Adventure

Little Mick ‘Head of Sales – UK and Europe’ has just returned from Greece where he has been checking out the run in to the ‘Athen’s Beer Festival’. This takes place between 30th Aug – 11th Sept and looks to be a great event with a special ‘UK Pavillion’ to showcase beer and snacks from Britain.

Still the Rhythm

Our brewery band, well there’s a couple of our brewer’s (Richard and Carl) in it, have finally thought up a band name after just three months. Good job we don’t rely on them to come up with the beer names we’d  all be dying of thirst!

So introducing Still the Rhythm, shown here performing at the Brewery BBQ. back in June

Preparing for Family Fun Day at Bramhall Lane

Saturday 11th August

Sheffield United are having a family fun day tomorrow and we’ll be there from 11am til 2pm with our Pale Rider and Easy Rider, so we’re hoping this lovely weather continues.  Sue from Sales will be pulling a pint for the first time but I’m sure she’ll be an expert by the end of the day. The fun day will be on the main car park at Bramhall Lane and there will be activities for all the family so come and join us.