Drunk Brewers and Pictures for Elves


Well another week has gone at the good ship kelham.  We are pleased to report the weather has been kind to us this week and brewing has gone to plan!

The demand for Pale Rider seems greater than ever so we have been working like dogs keeping up with demand and brewing that up.  We do have a break next week for a special so we have the wheat beer yeast and wheat malt ready to brew White Rider early next week.  We have also secured enough smoked malt ready for the following week to get cracking with Firestarter smoked porter.

Elsewhere around the place Steve and Big Mick have managed to re-locate and revamp our shop so please call in to check it out.  This week also saw the first meeting of the Sheffield Brewers Cooperative.  We are all working to put on a Craft Ale Marquee at Sheffield Food Fest.  Plans are moving forward well and everyone seems excited about it but it was maybe a mistake to supply the meeting with unlimited Pale Rider so it all ended in a bit of a blur (and an arm wrestling competition!).

We’ve had to think about Christmas this week as well and our artist friend Jim Connolly taking our photos for elves on the pump clip for “The Adventures of Captain Chrimbo”.

Cheers for now


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