Ukelele Rock Stars on a Toilet Roof and The Mink Mass Murder

A week of ups and downs!  What a weekend Tramlines turned out to be as we welcomed the Everley Pregnant Brothers to the Fat Cat playing on the Fat Cat Toilet roof.  The car park was full of people watching the gig and the Fat Cat and Brewery shop shifted a hell of a lot of beer!

The brewery has been taking it very steady this week as yet again we seem to be low on beer.  Despite brewing flat out and not really upselling we still seem to not have very much beer in stock.  Look out for White Rider cloudy wheat beer on sale next week.  The early signs are good and the specially sourced wheat beer yeast has done the trick for a beer perfect for the summer evening.  Watch this space for Firestarter out soon, we have the German smoked malt ready and we are brewing it next week!

white rider pump clipfirestarter

At end the week we have had an absolute shock as this morning we found that the 12 ducklings that have taken residence on the river behind the brewery have tragically become dinner for a rogue Mink that has crept along the river bank.  It is with a heavy heart that we have continued our brewing duties, Carl in particular has taken the news hard and has used all the skills learned on his zoology degree to identify and track down the evil beastie.  So far his efforts have sadly been fruitless.

One final special mention for Little Mick who got such a red head on the hottest day of the week that he took his shirt off and looked like a match stick.  Hero!

Keep drinking the ale!


Drunk Brewers and Pictures for Elves


Well another week has gone at the good ship kelham.  We are pleased to report the weather has been kind to us this week and brewing has gone to plan!

The demand for Pale Rider seems greater than ever so we have been working like dogs keeping up with demand and brewing that up.  We do have a break next week for a special so we have the wheat beer yeast and wheat malt ready to brew White Rider early next week.  We have also secured enough smoked malt ready for the following week to get cracking with Firestarter smoked porter.

Elsewhere around the place Steve and Big Mick have managed to re-locate and revamp our shop so please call in to check it out.  This week also saw the first meeting of the Sheffield Brewers Cooperative.  We are all working to put on a Craft Ale Marquee at Sheffield Food Fest.  Plans are moving forward well and everyone seems excited about it but it was maybe a mistake to supply the meeting with unlimited Pale Rider so it all ended in a bit of a blur (and an arm wrestling competition!).

We’ve had to think about Christmas this week as well and our artist friend Jim Connolly taking our photos for elves on the pump clip for “The Adventures of Captain Chrimbo”.

Cheers for now


Any one got an ark we can borrow?

The new website is up and running and looking good and thus to follow is the blog.
Thanks to Kate and matt for work on the site :of special interest is the Rocketman video starring our very own Little Mick. A special thanks goes to Sue the casting director who correctly pointed out that Mick was perfect for the role due to the fact he looked like Bruce Willis.

This week has been made all the more difficult due to the terrible rain we have had to withstand. Those of you that have visited our fine premises will realise space is a little tight so as a result much of our work activities have to take place in the elements. Alastair deserves special credit for taking the brunt of the deluge.

To celebrate Carl’s birthday some of the lads went to Sunfest hosted at the Rising Sun by our friends at Abbeydale and a great time was had by all. Even though Carl is officially now recognised as over the hill he’s still got the moves as you can see by viewing the following video: Kelham bbq performance.

Remember to keep an eye on the twitter and facebook pages for details of brewery tours (including tours for individuals and small groups).

Quote of the Week: Alastair: “I wouldn’t be any wetter if I was in the sea”

Tipple of the Week: King Of the Rocketmen 4.5% – enjoy while watching the Vid.